About NEWT

Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality training instruction to people, companies, and organizations throughout the Northeast and nationally. Additionally, we are dedicated to the following purposes:

• To excite people outside the forest products industry (small woodlot owners, homeowners, students, etc.) about forestry.
• To demonstrate the skill and experience of our professional logger instructors.
• To contribute to better forestry by educating people inside and outside the industry about the skills and systems necessary for quality forest work.

Ownership: Northeast Woodland Training was formed in 2001 and is owned equally by John Adler and David Birdsall.


Excite | Demonstrate | Contribute

“I’m new to felling trees and highly recommend GOL for anyone in similar circumstances. While I’ll need lots of practice, my brain (if not necessarily the rest of me, just yet) now knows what to do to stay safe and be efficient in the woods. Our instructors were patient, funny, smart and VERY experienced; it was one of the best hands on workshops I’ve ever taken, hands down! You won’t be sorry you took GOL!”

— Logger – COURSE: GOL Level 1