Logger Testimonials


“Outstanding professional experience for adults and students. My class of high school forestry students learned the newest and safest way to work in the woods. The instruction is steeped in research, yielding highly valid methodology. It was also nice that the instructor did not convey the bravado and ego sometimes encountered in the timber industry. Rather he was open minded and well balanced on all issues.”


“Having zero chainsaw experience, I wanted to learn a safe and effective way to remove trees from my property from the first cut I’d ever make. The course was low stress, nonjudgmental, excellent experience. Everything was laid out clearly and effectively, so effectively, the first tree I ever cut down was during this program and I hit my target stake right on the mark! Excellent program, I couldn’t recommend it enough.”


“Just took a three day seminar for the VTANG. I have run a saw for many years and have many cords of wood under my belt and was still completly blown away by the information these guys had. there tool box is definatly well stocked. if anyone is questioning going to any one of these courses, DO IT!!!! It is so worth your time. no matter what level you think you are at, there is so much stuff to learn, maybe even a whole new prospective on felling trees and running a saw. That is where i was at when the course was complete. thank you guys!”


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“Everyone should take this course! David Birdsall is an experienced logger, outdoorsman and a great instructor. This is a course for experienced loggers and part timers. You will never cut another tree without using the techniques taught in this course. Safety first! None of us can affort an accident that hurts us, or worse yet, causes an injury that would prevent us from enjoying the outdoors, be it logging, hunting, fishing or just hiking.”

— Logger – COURSE: GOL Level 1


“Took GOL levels 1-4 in connection with doing trail work on govt land. Have run a saw for over 30 yrs and manage my personal wood lot. Taking this course I realized “I didn’t know #@&%”. I had been pretty safe; now I’m much safer but I am also much more efficient, accurate, and know how to do things I didn’t know were possible. If, in your mind, staying out of the ER does not pay for the course being able to cut more wood with less effort will. Take em all !!!”


“I just finished Level 3 taught by David Birdsall. The training was terrific. There was plenty of time for individual attention, we learned how to handle several different situations and how to adjust when mistakes are made, and we had a great time doing it. Safety was always front and center. David is an outstanding teacher and obviously loves doing it.”


“As a volunteer with USF&WS I hoped to support my local NWRs by helping the single maintenance worker with whatever he needed – to include tree removal and storm damage cleanup. As an infrequent “harry homeowner” chain saw user I had picked up a lot of bad habits! Al Sands did a terrific job of pointing them out to me in GOLs 1-3 and I feel much more confident in my ability to operate a saw safely and effectively. Al’s knowledge and ability to impart same are top notch! Now if I can just keep that thumb down…..:-}.”